Turk Star Silicone Mold Release TS 422

Turk star mold silicone TS 422 spray is an ideal separating agent for hot and cold molding, so that before molding, spray the product on the surface of the mold to prevent the adhesive material from sticking to the mold with the silicone film it creates. And it is a good factor in extending the life of your template, Also, due to its extraordinary effect in facilitating the separation of parts from the mold, its one use is suitable for several moldings. This makes Turkstar Silicone Mold Spray one of the most cost-effective mold separators on the market.

• Suitable for different materials of mold
• No solvent
• Odourless
• Waterproof
• without corrosion on the mold

• As a separator:
- Suitable for rubber, plastic, wood and metals mold

• As a lubricant:
- Suitable for lubricating fittings and roof jacks of Croc cars
- Suitable for tires around the door and car upholstery (to eliminate extra noise in the bumper)


  • At first make sure that surface of the mold is clean and dry
  • For the best covering spray, spray it from 15 to 20 cm distance evently.
  • Don’t spray too much.
  • Make sure the environment is well ventilated.

• 15 spray (450 mil) in a carton
Shelf life & storage:
• 2 years after product
• The best storage temperature is +5 to +25°C