Turk Star Super Resin TS 1470

Turk Star Super Resin super TS 1470 is ready to use and one-component without the need for solvent. One of the outstanding features of this product is its high concentration, which is why it is used to smooth and integrate stones that have porosity.

• Prevent of stone wanes in front of rays of sunlight & UV rays
• It helps stones to stay without any dandruff
• Resin protects stone from freezing, in low temperatures
• It protects stone from humidity penetration as well

Usage Instructions:
The surface of the stone has to be cleaned of dust, humidity, and oily stuff. Then put the liquid on the surface by a brush.

Application areas:
• Any kind of stone's surface like Travertine, Lyme, Malone, Antique and so on
• Bricks
• Pottery
• Cement

• Can(super) 1 lit: 14 pcs/ctn
• Tin 20 lit: 1 tin

Shelf life and Storage:
• Can be stored in metal containers for up to 5 years.