Turk Star PU sealant TS 1050PU

Turk star PU sealant TS 1050PU is one component that is used for gluing and sealing with permanent elasticity. High resistance to moisture and excellent adhesion of this product has made it a special place in the automotive and construction industries.

• Extremely strong adhesion to subscribes, cement, concrete, glass and metal
• Simultaneous adhesion and sealing
• Flexibility even in cold weather
• No sagging in horizontal and vertical joints
• High strength
• UV resistance
• Resistant to corrosives and petroleum solvents
• No sagging in horizontal and vertical joints
• High traction capability
• Resistant to sound and vibration and weathering

• Suitable for several materials like all materials base on cement, brick, tile, mental, wood, poly ester, acrylic resin and plastic
• Sealing and coating of lightweight building materials, tanks and silos
• For sealing ceilings and floors
• Expansion joints for concrete slabs, parking floors and warehouses
• As mastic in precast concrete parts
• For runway and airport expansion joints
• Vertical and horizontal expansion joints
• Concrete water and sewage pipes
• Repairs and filling of cracks in concrete surfaces
• Filling the seams around glass, doors and windows, etc.

Method of use:
1. Application temperature is +5 to +40°C
2. Make sure the surface used is dry, clean and free of dust and grease
3. Cover both side of the surface with masking tape
4. Cut the cartridge tip and place it in the gun.
5. Cut the cannula tip and insert into the cartridge
6. Apply the sealant and remove tapes.
7. Protect against water for 24 hours after application.
8. Joint width and depth ratio should be about 2:1.

• 12 months after production date if stored at room temperature.
• Store at temperature between +5ºC and +35ºC in dry place.

• Keep away from reach of children.
• Avoid contact with eyes.
• Prolonged exposure to vapours may harm respiratory system.
• Product Safety Data Sheet must be read and understood before use.

  Technical information:

Test at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±2˚C:
Measured Value Standard Performance
1.36 ±0.1 Density (g/cm3)
50~40 ≤30 Tack-Free Time (min)
225 ≥80 Extrusion (ml/min)
1.4 ﹥0.4 Tensile Modulus (Mpa) at 23˚C
 /  ﹥0.6 Tensile Modulus (Mpa) at -20˚C
not change shape not change shape Slumpability (mm) vertical
0 ≤3 Slumpability (mm) horizontal
2 2 Curing Speed (mm/d)
As Cured -After 21 days at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±2˚C:
45-50 20~60 Hardness (Shore A)
1.23 / Tensile Strength under Standard Conditions (Mpa)
10 12.5 Movement Capability (%)
12 Months Storage